Founded in 1997 by President & CEO Eddie Papetti, The DVD WORLD®TM Company has become one of the largest online DVD retailers & distributors in the world.

Since it's inception in 1997 as a DVD information site as "DVD WORLDTM" the company has grown to include several divisions, in many different areas of technology & retail, motion picture production and distribution, so in 1999 the name of the company was changed from just "DVD WORLD®" to "The DVD WORLD® Company". Below are the names of all the companies and divisions owned & operated by The DVD WORLD Company.

The DVD WORLD®TM name has grown to be associated with the finest products and services in the world. As The DVD WORLD® Company continues to grow and expand, we look forward to serving your ever increasing needs.

The NEW DVD World® Company site is getting ready to launch later this year, until that time please click on any of the company names below to be brought to that division specific Website.

The DVD WORLD Company

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DVD WORLDTM Pictures Corp.

DVD WORLDTM Distribution


DVD WORLDTM WebCreations


The DVD WORLD Online Family

DVD WORLDTM Online encompasses the online technology & retail divisions of The DVD WORLDTM Company


One Of The Largest Online DVD Retailers In The World.
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World's Largest IN STOCK DVD Selection
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24 Hour Shipping

DVD WORLD Pictures Corp.

DVD WORLD Pictures is the only corporate division of The DVD WORLD Company. It's sole purpose is to bring Major Motion Pictures worldwide under the DVD WORLD Pictures banner. DVD WORLD Pictures is positioning itself to become in the next major independent movie studio in the US.
DVD WORLD Pictures Facts:
Founded in February 2003
Has the rights to over 71 scripts
3 movies currently in production - Pillars Of Madness, The Boardy Barn & Tales From The Hellfire

DVD WORLD Pictures Website - Launches December 2017

The DVD WORLD name & logo are either Trademarks or Registered Trademarks of DVD WORLD Pictures Corp., a division of The DVD WORLD Company. Use of the DVD WORLD name/logo are only allowed without permission from The DVD WORLD Company.